AVRillo Conveyancing Solicitors


The Client

AVrillo are well respected conveyancing solicitors headed up by the Piccirillo brothers Angelo and Tony. Not only do they have lots of gleaming client testimonials, they have great feedback from agents too so we are immensely proud to be working with them!

The Project

As always, we began by boiling everything down to as few calls-to-action as possible, making it as easy for users as possible. In this case just two: “See how much you could save” and “Calculate your extra income”. Each of these buttons caters to AVrillo’s two main client demographics: buyers / sellers and agents. This makes the user's journey as smooth as possible.

Angelo and Tony have both embraced video which is by far, the most engaging way to communicate with visitors and generates the best response. This has not just been used at a promotional level but their entire FAQ is all available in video format. They certainly aren’t afraid of the camera!

With so much content available in both text and video format we needed to make it very clear for users to navigate. We’ve achieved that with a non-invasive navigation menu and an easy to follow tab layout within each page.

This Website has since evolved and has undergone a number of design tweaks and usability enhancements. The main focus of which is to help simplify the user’s journey to get to what they need.

To see this Website and its plethora of content click here - http://avrillo.co.uk/ - or take a look at the lovely video Angelo did for us following the 1st phase launch of the new Website: